How to order

So, how does this work anyway? 

Make it easy to get what you want, when you want it. The model is simple. Instead of getting a batch of boring socks and underwear at one go, or even moving from your couch to get them, @ThunderWear, one click and they're at your doorstep.

You can order in SHOCKS or THUNDIES singles or, if you especially hate shopping or want that perfect gift, you can sign up for a monthly by choosing how many pairs you want to receive, and our SHOCKS & THUNDIES tailors will send you, or the man you want, one every month.

How does this ThunderWear Monthlies thing benefit me? 

In a recent survey we conducted, it turns out, that most men hate buying socks & underwear and they would rather it just came to their door when & how they want it. They also want clothes that inspire them at least some of the time.

In a separate survey, it also turns out that many women like to see their men in bolder, fun socks & underwear rather than the boring gray, dead black, or stained whiteys. They want their men to dress inspired and fun. 

With ThunderWear Monthlies, both men and women get what they want, when they want it. That is sure to brighten your day, and hopefully someone else's.

How to buy what I want on ThunderWear.Asia? 

Easy Peasy. For THUNDIES & SHOCKS singles, just pick your pair, size, and we'll deliver accordingly. For Monthlies, simply choose your size and how many monthlies you wish to receive (either 3,4,or 5 months). One new pair will arrive every month. Please take note of delivery lengths for different countries.

They seem like the perfect gift. Is that correct?

We're happy you asked that. Short answer, ohhhh yeah.

We've catered to birthdays, anniversaries, and just a 'you need this' type of gift.  The man on your mind will receive a wrapped, tailored package in the mail and get a great jolt. When they open up to find the perfect pair of bold, beautiful, and comfy, THUNDIES and SHOCKS, not only will you get a great big smile, but maybe something more.