Why ThunderWear

Singapore, together with the rest of Asia, is opening again. Its time to get exciting.

Every man has that something they put on that makes them feel great. A special tie, socks, cologne, shoes, pants, shirt, or watch.

How about bold and comfy boxer briefs that will make you Feel Like Thunder, Down Under, with even the thought of wearing them, delivered to your doorstep once a month for as many times as you want.

ThunderWear isn't your boring day underlay... ThunderWear is your everyday swag and sway.

So, for whatever day you're about to have, make it go boom.


Simply select your style, size, and how many pairs you wish to receive.


Delivered to your door with bang. Put them on. Feel pretty darn amazing.


We'll send one pair of your chosen design for as many times as you ordered, once a month.


You had me at Rawr

Colour Me Boldd

That's my flavour

Feel Like Thunder, Down Under

Time to Super-Charge

P - "Big party last night and guess what I wore man."

Me - "A party hat?"

P - "No, Your ThunderWear! They are my big night out underwear!"

Pras M.

"Wow. Just Wow!"

Andrew B.

"Power bro. Seriously comfy."

Joe J.

"They're great. I love the design, fit and they're definitely a great departure from the usual boring inner wear I have."

Simran S.

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What inspires us to create Thunder? Get ready to get Supercharged.