What is ThunderWear all about?

Bold and comfy boxer briefs and socks baby!  Receive beautiful socks & boxer briefs directly to your doorstep in singles or monthlies without even lifting that bum or feet you'll put them on.  For monthlies, you'll get them once every month for as many as you order.


Why ThunderWear?

Men and Women are tired of the black, white and gray essentials. ThunderWear gives you a supercharged new alternative. Specifically picking one for any ordinary day, already makes it extraordinary and you're ready to rumble.


So, how does this work anyway? 

Make it easy to get what you want, when you want it. The model is simple. Instead of getting a batch of boring socks and underwear at one go, or even moving from your couch to get them, @ThunderWear, one click and they're at your doorstep.

You can order in SHOCKS or THUNDIES singles or, if you especially hate shopping or want that perfect gift, you can sign up for Monthlies by choosing how many pairs you want to receive, and our SHOCKS & THUNDIES tailors will send you, or the man you want, once every month.


What is with this Monthlies thing? I don't want to be tied down for life.

ThunderWear Monthlies simply means that you'll get as many pairs as you ordered whether 3, 4, or 5 times. No auto renew, no strings attached.  Besides, we like to K.I.S.S.


How to buy what I want on ThunderWear.Asia? 

For THUNDIES & SHOCKS singles, just pick your pair, size, and we'll deliver accordingly. For Monthlies, simply choose your size and how many monthlies you wish to receive (either 3,4,or 5 months). One new pair will arrive every month. Please take note of delivery lengths for different countries.


They seem like the perfect gift. Is that correct?

We're happy you asked that. Short answer, oh yeah.

We've catered to birthdays, anniversaries, and just a 'you need this' type of gift.  The man on your mind will receive a wrapped, tailored package in the mail and get a great jolt. When they open up to find the perfect pair of bold, beautiful, and comfy, THUNDIES and SHOCKS, not only will you get a great big smile, but maybe something more. 


How is ThunderWear sustainable?

We've chosen specially designed modal fabrics made from natural elements and while the best designs come out on microfiber, we can promise you we're working on that too. Aside from that, we put effort into minimizing the one time use packaging but still sharing the desired effect.


What is ThunderWear made of?

Depending on the THUNDIES you choose, ThunderWear is composed of your most popular blends of natural, breathable, cooling and hypoallergenic, modal + spandex OR moisture wicking, odour repelling, and shapeshifting microfiber + spandex.

For SHOCKS, you're getting soft and comfy cotton or polyester + spandex.


How do I know I will get the ThunderWear I want? Will I get repeats in my Monthlies?

If you order singles, your wish is our command. For Monthlies, our 'essentials' tailors will send different pairs of bold, beautiful and comfy socks & boxer briefs with no repeats. *You may specifically ask for a 1 featured style when you order monthlies of 4 and above.* As for the repeats, you won't get those, unless you specifically ask, of which we've had many requests for incidentally.


When will I get my ThunderWear?

The first pair will be sent out immediately and will depend on where you live. After that, if you're going for monthlies, you will get 1 pair of your new favorite socks & underwear once a month. When you buy as singles, you can get as many as you want, when you want it. 


Do you send to any country?

Yes. Unfortunately the world is inundated with boring essentials and this is our revolution. Your wish is our command.


How long does shipping take and how much is it?

Almost the same answer as above. Depends where you live. It can take anywhere between a couple days to a couple weeks but if you're in a hurry, we can figure something out. Afterall, we're the creative type of people.

For the cost, if you're closer to our headquarters in sunny Singapore, the cheaper it'll be!!


Return Policy

In essence - Purchases are considered final because your essentials are quite personal, but if it really doesn't fit, we understand, and we can sort you out!

For damaged, defective items, or order mistakes done by our shipping dept, we will replace it or provide a full refund. Photo submission is required. 

We can modify or cancel the order for you if it has not been shipped. Once it's shipped, we will not be able to modify or cancel the order for you. Orders can't be returned or exchanged after 30 days.

If you're further inquisitive about what you received, email us at admin@thunderwear.asia and share your thoughts. Please allow 24-48 hours for our thunderous representative to review your request.

*Keep in mind, this must be claimed on your first pair.*