What is ThunderWear all about?

Bold and comfy boxer briefs and socks baby!  Receive premium socks & boxer briefs directly to your doorstep in singles or subscription without even lifting that bum or feet you'll put them on.  For subscription, you'll get them once every month for as many as you order.

What is with the subscription? I don't want to be tied down for life.

The subscription simply means that you'll get as many pairs as you ordered whether 3, 4, or 5 times. No auto renew, no strings attached.

Why ThunderWear?

Men and Women are tired of the white and gray. ThunderWear gives you a supercharged new alternative. Specifically picking one for any ordinary day, already makes it extraordinary and you're ready to rumble.

What is ThunderWear made of?

Depending on the THUNDIES you choose, ThunderWear is composed of your most popular blends of natural, breathable, and hypoallergenic, cotton + spandex OR moisture wicking, odour repelling, and shapeshifting microfiber + spandex. For SHOCKS, you're getting soft and comfy cotton + spandex.

How do I know I will get the ThunderWear I want? Will I get repeats in my subscription?

If you order singles, your wish is our command. For subscription, our 'essentials' tailors will send different pairs of bold, beautiful and comfy socks & boxer briefs with no repeats. *You may specifically ask for a 1 featured style when you order a subscription of 4 and above.*

When will I get my ThunderWear?

The first pair will be sent out immediately and will depend on where you live. After that, if you're subscription based, you will get 1 pair of your new favorite socks & underwear once a month. When you buy as singles, you can get as many as you want, when you want it. Be aware that due to covid, some custom departments take longer to clear than others. 

Do you send to any country?

Yes. ThunderGods live far and wide so why deny them? Your wish is our command.

Can I buy it as a gift? 

Yes. Give us the address of the person you intend to send it to and it will boom on their doorstep. Now that's a gift worth giving.

Return Policy

Well, returning anything from down under would be a blunder but if the boxer briefs truly don't fit, take a picture of the label of your current pair, let us know if you need a size up or down, and we'll be sure to send you the appropriate size of ThunderWear. *Keep in mind, this must be claimed on your first pair.*