About Us: The ThunderWear Story

Every man has that something they put on that makes them feel great whether its a watch, cologne, shoes, pants, shirt, or tie.

Our affinity for supercharging ordinary days with the right socks & boxer briefs jolted us into the idea for ThunderWear.  When the occasion came to launch it during a National University of Singapore MBA class, we struck like lightning. And why not? We practice what we preach, we had learned all about each subject on how to launch a company from class, and we never feared a challenge. Boom.

Subscription based, to you doorstep, bold, bright and comfy, SHOCKS & THUNDIES boxer briefs that jolt your day just thinking about putting them on.

Andrew B - "Wow. Just, wow!" and Simran S - "They're great. I love the design, fit, and they're definitely a great departure from the usual boring underwear I have. I'm already looking forward to the next one.". While Andrew doesn't mince his words and Simran chooses many great ones, I appreciate your feedback guys!  That's exactly our aim, to help everyday fellas supercharge their ordinary day.

...Oh, and thank you in advance for trusting us with your greatest assets.

- TW