About Us: The ThunderWear Story

Do you or your man have something that supercharges the day by just putting it on? Trust us, all men do.. be it a watch, cologne, shoes, pants, shirt, or tie.

As most good stories start, it was one night in Hong Kong that my friend and I were on the town and he said, 'You've got your lucky underwear on?'

From that day forward, it shook the foundation to the feeling that could be but at the time, was not.  Believe it or not, my world was once boring black and gray. 

This feeling, and the invisible conformity some people feel we're 'meant' to fit into, jolted us to start ThunderWear, a man's solution to a boring black and gray world. 

In Singles or Subscription based, these beauties arrive right to your doorstep without lifting your fingers off your keyboard and the feeling of getting bold, beautiful and comfy SHOCKS socks & THUNDIES boxer briefs, is a thunderous gift. 

So, get ready to feel like thunder, down under, and thank you in advance for trusting us with your greatest assets.