About Us: The ThunderWear Story

We’re here to supercharge your day.

The time for boring essentials is over. Over here at ThunderWear, we want to provide bold and beautiful essentials that make every man feel his absolute best, and ready to take on the world.

That’s why our THUNDIES & SHOCKS have been designed with your comfort and expression in mind, ready to supercharge your day.


How we began.

You know that lucky underwear thing? The one that gives you swag and sway? Turns out a lot of people also know about it.  The idea for ThunderWear came to us when we saw how boring, and truly uninspiring, men's underwear could be. 

When we interviewed over 250 men and women, we got the same answers. They were tired of the status quo of boring underwear and socks. We knew we were onto something. 

We wanted to create essentials to give men that extra energy and confidence in their step whether it was a regular Monday, going for a work out, a big Saturday night, a wedding, a regular workday, or just a feel great Friday. We've got you covered.


Feel Like Thunder Down Under, for every body. 

Men of all shapes and sizes deserve to feel comfortable and confident in their essentials. So, we’re creating essentials that anyone can feel like lightning in. We know that’s a big task, so we are always grateful for feedback to better improve our offerings.


What is The Ballroom?

The Ballroom is ThunderWear's resting place for your most valuable assets. Separating the man from the boys, The Ballroom gives separation and space for extra comfort, all day long, especially made for those that like more breathability and space.


Sustainability, comfort, and design at our core.

While a work in progress to blend the three, it’s in our core to use responsible sources yet create impactful designs and impeccable comfort for all our products.

We know it’s not easy, but the audience that knows us best, knows it’s our ultimate goal, to keep mama nature, and our customer’s well being, in mind.